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Getting Ready for Your Vasectomy


We do not recommend driving yourself family immediately after the vasectomy and will not allow you to drive yourself if you receive any sedation from us. Sedatives will impair your reflexes and make you a driving danger to yourself and others. Please make arrangements BEFORE you arrive to your appointment .

Post-procedure Care

Take things slowly for a sidereal day or so, and wear a supportive athletic supporter angstrom much as possible. besides methamphetamine ( particularly in the first 24 hours ) alleviates swelling to a great extent .

Post-vasectomy pain

Although many men have no symptoms after their vasectomy some may experience a dull ache in their groin or a acuate pain in the scrotum. The boring ache in the groin is due to referred annoyance from irritation of nerves that lie near the vessel deferens. A athletic supporter will take latent hostility off of these nerves and reduce your discomfort. We do not routinely recommend narcotics be taken after a vasectomy to prevent the gamble of respiratory complications or constipation. Ibuprofen or Tylenol are condom to take after your vasectomy for pain dominance.
You should call Dr. Mistry if you feel that your pain is worse than you expected .

Purpose of the Jockstrap

Jockstraps are designed to support the scrotum and keep the testicles from hanging besides heavily on the cord that supports them. By reducing the tension in the testicular cord, pain in the testis and breakwater are greatly reduced. Tight fitting briefs do not by and large oeuvre deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a athletic supporter. You will not need a cup in your athletic supporter. You may find the necessitate to wear the athletic supporter all day. You can stop when you no longer have any testicular or groin discomfort.


It is not a good theme to go melt, bicycle or weightlifting immediately after your operation. You should walk and will be fine to walk up stairs. It is recommended that you take it easy for a couple of days so you can recover a cursorily as possible.

Time Off

The huge majority of our patients have their procedure performed on a Friday and reelect to work on Monday. We recommend waiting at least one day after the operation before you return to any knead that requires lifting or elongated standing or squatting. We have had men who returned to their office job immediately after their routine and one affected role who even went tractor riding later in the day. We do not recommend tractor riding or deer hunting immediately after the operation.


Some men report little or no swelling and bruise, but if you do have hurt of the skin or swelling of the testis consider applying ice, wearing a athletic supporter and taking it easy from an activity point of view. Mild bruising or swelling should resolve in 7 days. If you have any symptoms that appear several days after your routine, reach Dr. Mistry immediately .


You can resume normal intimate bodily process arsenic soon as you feel comfortable. Some men may report pain at their vasectomy site with ejaculation, but this character of discomfort should not persist. Please remember that you are still capable of getting your spouse pregnant until all of the sperm are ejaculated from the vessel deferens. This can take respective weeks to occur and should be confirmed before you stop using contraception. This can be done through semen samples viewed in the agency, recommended at 6 and 10 weeks after the operation, or with an at-home test kit, at the lapp prison term points .

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