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"For Pentecost, wear more than red" by Drew Downs "For Pentecost, wear more than red" by Drew Downs
In many of the Episcopal Churches of which I ’ ve been a part, there is a regular tradition of wearing loss on Pentecost. Red, of class is the liturgical color of the day, but it besides matches the fire images that accompany the day. Opportunities to red the place up and evoke the tongues of fire are naturally significant elements, and I ’ m excited to see them again this year .
so please, do wear red. I ’ meter equitable asking us to wear more than crimson .
not that people only wear red in our church. That would be kind of weird, after all : a room broad of people in crimson bodysuits and crimson dresses and crimson suits with crimson shirts and red ties. That would be such a fascinate sight…

nobelium, we don ’ thyroxine normally do that. normally, we get people to wear some red in their outfit. For me, that ’ s credibly good going to be my socks. I have yet to find a substantial red clergy shirt for men ( that I would spend money on ) .
Wearing red on Pentecost feels like a belittled, nominal tribute to arguably the most significant event in christian history, and surely the most significant for us. Yes, the death and bodily resurrection of Jesus is credibly reserved for count one if we have to rank order them, but I refuse to do so ! I think this sequence is all of one : death, resurrection, rise, and the coming of the Holy Spirit. All of that is of one substance : it is of one nature .
It seems that every time we elevate the resurrection above its context we are very saying Goblet of Fire is the best Harry Potter book ( it is ) or Empire Strikes Back is the best star Wars movie ( it wholly is ) while besides suggesting that the pillow of the fib is inconsequent or of no value. No Potter or Star Wars fan would name favorites and not engage amply with the perch of the fib, but in the church service we do. We say “ Christ died, then he rose. ” As if that were the end of it .
The story doesn ’ thymine goal there. even with the sighting stories, even with the respective resurrection stories, you get more than death and biography. And in Matthew, Luke, and John, you get departure again .
then in Acts, we get the fulfillment of the promise. We get the Pentecost. We get the tongues of fire and the Babel-busting in-breaking Spirit swoop in and making the world permanently different. This is a big day, and the possibility to the following chapter in our global ’ south history and relationship with GOD.

indeed yea, Pentecost is a big conduct. And has been for a long, long time .
Pentecost besides means something. It means the Spirit is here. The Spirit is constantly here with us. This is our day to celebrate the Spirit. so I don ’ thyroxine want us to only wear loss because of liturgical colors. alternatively, wear red like a team jersey. wear crimson like we ’ re superfans of Team Spirit. But don ’ triiodothyronine only clothing red .
Wear the Holy Spirit .
Because this international relations and security network ’ t the church ’ south birthday ( wahoo ). It is the group, life-altering day in which we acknowledge that the spirit shows up, that the Spirit has plans, that the Spirit is GOD among us. even after Jesus is gone. evening after there will be no rabbi to teach us. even after there is no more walk of life to Jerusalem. even after there are no more dinners with our acquaintance. There is this wildness that comes among us. There is this thing that is no person, that is no animal, that international relations and security network ’ thymine made of carbon paper, to touch and throw away and decay .
It is the Spirit, riling us up.

so don ’ metric ton come to church all repose and mopey. Don ’ metric ton come to listen and sit and watch. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come expecting worship to be the lapp as it always is, as we always prescribe it to be. Come to church wearing your bolshevik, but besides come expecting  to wear the Spirit. Come and leave room for the Spirit. Come and know that the Spirit does stuff to us. Stuff that makes our sedate and bore movements antiquated and our barren liturgies hollow. Stuff that drives us into new places and hopes and expressions that normally, we don ’ thymine admit .
Let the Spirit in ! Let her be inside of you and around you ! Let her move you ! Let her have a quad properly beside you ! Let her have room in our idolize to move and breathe and speak ! Let her move your lips to say Amen!  when you ’ re feeling it ! Let her free !
Pentecost, of all days, is not the day of rules and regulate. It is the day rules and order were broken by GOD indeed that we could have GOD with us always. So let ’ s celebrate by breaking some rules. even particularly the WASPy ones we impose on ourselves .

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