7 Ways Tight Clothes Could Be Killing Your Health

Slipping into something sexy tends to be synonymous with slipping into something mean and cute. While it may make you feel good on the outside, tight clothes are n’t actually a felicitous option for your health .
In fact, tight clothes are packed with a short ton of problems.

From squeezing into skinny jeans to sucking in every corner and crevice to cram into those skintight dresses, pants that cling to every curvature and even gym clothes that vacuum pack every man of human body …
… along with being uncomfortable, these type of clothes could have long-run ramifications on your health and wellbeing .
hera, we uncover ( no pun intended ) the truth about tight-fitting garments and we bust open the myths that smasher is pain and baggy clothes are for slobbing around the house only. We are firm believers in comfort being classy, cute, and absolute sexy .
After all, what ‘s more charm than person who is relaxed and happy ? Let ‘s take a look at how tight clothing is playing havoc on your health .

7 Things You Didn’t Know Could Happen When You Wear Tight Clothes

Of course, we wholly support everyone in wearing whatever makes them feel good mentally. We equitable want to make sure you have the lowdown on what certain clothes can do to you physically so you can make an inform decision when choosing what to wear. Check out these electric potential side effects that can be triggered by close clothes .

1. Can Trigger a Nerve Condition

While you may be in love with the rock asterisk look of tight skinny jeans, they can actually trigger a boldness stipulate called meralgia paresthetica. Yikes .
This condition shows when tight pants weight-lift against the lateral femoral cutaneous steel and can cause a tingling feel in the thighs, lead to pain or numbness, and make your ankles and feet feel weak .
research has shown that this issue seems to have a correlation coefficient with those who wear shapewear or garments designed to flatten the abdomen. While it is likely to go away when switching to looser free-flowing framework, this is your soundbox ‘s way of crying out for assistant .
Ben Tanner, a Physician ‘s adjunct from FastingWell, has treated a few patients with meralgia paresthetica and it was n’t reasonably .

basically, they have numbness and tingling on the outside of their second joint, as a consequence of compression on one of their nerves. This much results from people who wear construction belts, but besides from anyone who wears tight pants, particularly with a tight waist .

This condition can besides be worsened by wearing eminent heels with jeans as it tilts the pelvis forth adding far compression and song .

2. Can Irritate Skin Conditions

Our skin needs to breathe, but when we don tight-fitting clothes, we invite the framework to rub against our skin which can cause skin inflammation. This is particularly baffling for anyone who suffers from sensitive bark or conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or is prone to rashes because of sealed sensitivities .
Having clothes pressing tight against body areas can lead to interactions with dyes or chemicals within the framework which is why distance, air, and enough of room to breathe is thus important .
When we disturb our delicate skin barrier we provide an ‘in ‘ for all kinds of fungal infections, bacterial infections, and even viral infections besides. Wearing tight clothe can besides lead to hair follicles on your legs becoming infected particularly for those who shave their legs then don a pair of close leggings or pants that further total to the pique .

3. Can Lead to Yeast Infections

Anyone who has been at the mercy of yeast infections knows that some of the advice given is to wear abstemious cotton panties to help the sphere to breathe. A yeast infection may be one of the most common health problems that will arise from wearing besides fast trousers, close jeans, leggings, sports invest or shapewear and even fast underwear .
This is because besides close clothe can raise your body temperature and make you sweat more, which is precisely the kind of environment that bacteria loves – specially around the groin area.

Tight celluloid material will besides keep that moisture in place, which is why loose flow pants or beautiful baggy clothes on sweaty summer days is indeed significant to keep you cool and fresh and in the clear when it comes to any kind of fungal infection .

4. Can Contribute to Stomach Issues

tight-fitting clothe and, in detail, anything with a compressed girdle can cause discomfort in the digest. There ‘s nothing worse than feeling that band cutting into you as you sit down .
But the problems of a nasty girdle go beyond press and discomfort. They can even be bad for your digestive system and can encourage stomach acidic to rise. not entirely will a pressure period waist squish your organs, but mean trousers can besides push stomach acid up the esophagus which can lead to acid reflux and heartburn .
Tanner says the digestive issues are caused by the mean invest because ” they do n’t allow your intestines and stomach to move freely as they ‘re trying to sign and push food along. ” rather, the intestines are stuffed into a humble space and ineffective to support the digestive process .

5. Can Add to Poor Circulation

A close dame, nasty dress, or tied a mean brassiere can all dig in and cut off easy free-flowing blood circulation. Having inadequate circulation is bad newsworthiness, specially for those who are already at gamble for health issues like deep vein thrombosis or blood clots due to sitting for extended periods of time or being over their recommend slant or due to age, hapless immune system etc .
Having good circulation and healthy rake hang is substantive to our long term health so skip that tight pencil skirt and skid into some loose pants alternatively .

6. Can Lead to Spine and Muscle Issues

scraggy jeans, pencil skirts, integrated dresses, a mean jacket, a fleshy shoulder pocket, and a peaky eminent heel – all these fashion choices can lead to spinal anesthesia disorders and muscle problems as they have a knock-on effect on the room your muscles and spine arrest in good work condition .
There has been a long ton of research into high heels and the problems they can cause with the back and the spine but when combined with close clothing this can wreak all kinds of havoc causing everything from muscle touch to carpal tunnel, arthritis, and even balance issues .
Ouch .

7. Can Make You Faint

We only need to look back to a clock when a young womanhood would sport a corset as the go-to fashion vogue to see the issues caused by tight clothes. Corsets came with all kinds of perturb and were designed to pinch in the shank to impossible dimensions .
thankfully, corsets are no more but that does n’t mean they have n’t been replaced by another vogue of tight garment alternatively .
We have swapped the corsets for spandex and fast tops and the solution remains the lapp. Any close top can restrict your breathe and not allow your lungs to suck in equally much air as they need .
The light term solution is you face down on the floor ; the farseeing terminus is decreased oxygen intake. In a like vein, shirts and ties that are excessively close around the neck can decrease circulation to the genius, leading to headaches, indistinctness, and blurred vision .

We are all about easy and cosy ease here at Sozy. We are tired of buying into the myth that smasher is pain and that women should suffer to look full in the eyes of society. We truly believe there is nothing more beautiful than someone who feels comfortable and empowered when it comes to what they wear and we think that being at ease can come from outfits that make us feel fine without causing the decline of our health and wellbeing. hera ‘s to being comfortable, cosy, and cool in dress that does n’t hem us in.

What ‘s your have with tight clothes ? Are you in the substance abuse or have you swapped out your spandex for a loose style ? Share all your thoughts with us in the comments .

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