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There are a lot of people that decide not to wear a seat belt when in a move vehicle. Some of the excuses people give for not wearing a seat belt include :

  • “It’s my right to chose whether or not to wear a seat belt.”
  • “I’ve heard stories of someone being involved in a crash and the doctor said if they had been wearing a seat belt they would have died.”
  • “They’re uncomfortable.”
  • “I usually wear it. I just forgot.”
  • “It doesn’t fit.”

so given those excuses, why should anyone wear a seat belt ? Although wearing a seat belt while in a move vehicle is the law, there are a number of people that are plainly not motivated to do things just because they ’ rhenium assure to do so by jurisprudence. They may possibly be persuaded to abide by the law if they had a better agreement of the reasons why wearing a seat belt in a move fomite is the police. sol why are buttocks belts thus significant ?
Air Bags
Probably one of the most significant reasons to wear a seat belt is to reduce the chances of injury or death. seat belts do save lives. Vehicles equipped with atmosphere bags are designed to have the seat belt out and air bag work together to reduce the resident ’ s chance of injury or death. When seat belts are not wear, vent bags can do more damage than good. Air bag deploy quickly at speeds around 200 miles per hour or greater. When the resident is not wearing a induct belt out, they can not be restrained from flying forward toward the quickly deploying air bag, increasing the find of putting the resident in the status to be injured from the air bag while it is deploying. An unrestrained vehicle resident could suffer from traumatic injuries, such as a break neck, should they strike the tune bag while delirious. Imagine being punched in the face at over 200 miles per hour. When the resident is properly restrained by a seat belt, the publicize bag has time and room to deploy to prevent the resident from striking the interior of the vehicle, therefore reducing the likelihood of traumatic injuries.

(THSO, 2017)
Control of the Vehicle
When a driver is not able to reach the bracken pedal point, accelerator pedal, and steering steering wheel, they can not control the vehicle. Seat belts restrain the driver and keep them behind the wheel of the vehicle. Should the driver take an evasive steer to avoid a collision, or should the vehicle be struck precisely enough to cause the driver to be moved away from the driver ’ s seat, the driver is no longer in master of the vehicle. frankincense, the vehicle could veer into oncoming traffic or strike a pedestrian. seat belts keep the driver in control of the fomite. therefore, seat belts are not alone about the safety of the resident of the vehicle, but other motorists and pedestrians, equally well .
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Other Occupants of the Vehicle
In the event of a collision or an abrupt evasive manoeuver, delirious occupants of the vehicle become projectiles inside the vehicle. Unrestrained passengers could strike the driver, rendering the driver incapacitated and unable to control the fomite. Unrestrained occupants of the vehicle hazard receiving or causing other passengers to receive traumatic injuries, to include death, during a collision or abrupt evasive maneuver. Seat belts save the lives of the occupants of the vehicle .
(Inside Edition, 2015)
Being involved in a drive vehicle collision is traumatic adequate just being an resident inside the vehicle during the crash. Seat belts and air bags are designed to keep the occupants in the vehicle and reduce their injuries in a crash. Unrestrained occupants are at extreme gamble of being ejected from the vehicle during a collision. sometimes delirious occupants of vehicles have been ejected from relatively low impact collisions and have suffered traumatic injuries or died because of being thrown from the vehicle. aside from the injuries sustained from striking the vehicle while being delirious, squirt occupants are susceptible to receiving injuries from striking the roadway or other outside objects, not to mention being in danger of having their own vehicle land on them or be struck by early vehicles .
The Traumatic Truth
Law enforcement and First Responders have been called to numerous motor fomite collisions where occupants either died or suffered dangerous traumatic injuries ascribable to being an unrestrained resident. These scenes are much ghastly and inordinately unforgettable. many times, innocent people have lost their lives or suffered traumatic, life-altering injuries as a consequence of not wearing a induct knock while being involved in an accident they were not at defect for. Roadways are full moon of drivers making bad decisions, whether speed, driving impaired, being distracted, or otherwise being inattentive to traffic controls or other hazards. It is important to buckle up and be prepared for the other bad drivers on the road .
Debunking the Excuses
“ It ’ south my right to chose whether or not to wear a seat belt. ” – Actually, no it is not. Driving on public roadways is a privilege, not a good. furthermore, Tennessee Code Annotated ( TCA ) § 55-9-603 requires drivers and passengers of moving vehicles on public roadways to be secured by a seat knock. As hash out, it is important for not alone the driver, but all occupants of a vehicle to be restrained by a seat belt out. not wearing a seat swath could not only affect the occupants of the fomite, but could affect other motorists or pedestrians should the driver no long be in control of the vehicle, either due to being knocked unconscious or nobelium longer being behind the wheel of the vehicle.

“ I ’ ve hear stories of person being involved in a crash and the sophisticate said if they had been wearing a seat knock they would have died. ” – There is always going to be some sensational fib or myth like this. Restrained occupants stand a much greater chance of surviving a crash if they are restrained. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ), there were closely fifteen thousand lives saved by seat belt use in 2017 ( NHTSA, n.d. ) .
“ They ’ ra uncomfortable. ” – Seat belts are a lot more comfortable than a break in neck or being thrown through a windshield and being run over by another vehicle. many vehicles have the ability to adjust the seat belt up or down to ensure a more chastise and comfortable fit. additionally, there are devices that can be added to your seat belt that add extra padding for areas that may be uncomfortable when wearing the seat belt .
“ I normally wear it. I good forgot. ” – That annoying dinging reasoned you hear when you drive without wearing a induct belt out is normally a good reminder. Be in the habit of putting your buttocks belt on before moving the vehicle .
“ It doesn ’ t fit. ” – Years ago, vehicle manufacturers used to offer seat belt extenders at no price. Although today these devices may not be obtained at no cost, they are relatively cheap. Seat belt extenders can provide a better match for people who find it unmanageable to securely fasten seat belts .
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